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Hallam wins Stand Alone award

Monday 14 January 2019

In November last year, Sheffield Hallam University was awarded the Excellence and Innovation Award by the Stand Alone charity for its work in providing a support service for estranged students. The support services were made possible after receiving funding from the Hallam Fund. The award celebrates the University’s commitment to widening participation and improving access to higher education.

The nominations come after recent research by Professor Jacqueline Stevenson from Sheffield Institute of Education and Becca Bland, chief executive of Stand Alone, surveyed over 1,700 Sheffield Hallam and University of Sheffield students, to better understand how the presence or absence of a students' family affects their higher education experience. The Family Matters report found that UK university students who get daily support from their families are more motivated and less stressed. The Estranged Student Transition Fund provides access to financial support for students whose personal circumstances may affect their chances of succeeding at university. This support is made possible through the generous support of our donors and alumni.

Sheffield Hallam is one of a number of higher education providers who have taken the Stand Alone 'Pledge', which outlines a public commitment by an institution to develop better support across the student life cycle for those estranged or facing estrangement from their families.

The University was also nominated for its work in creating a residential mentors programme, which supports the wellbeing and welfare of students living in halls of residence.

This award-winning project was funded through the Hallam Fund and was only made possible by the kind donations received from our alumni, donors and supporters. Now in its fourth year, our annual Hallam Fund Telephone Campaign will raise further support for our student community who may not have the emotional and financial aid of a close family network, such as estranged students or care leavers. During the campaign a team of dedicated student callers will take to the phones to speak to many of our UK-based alumni about their experience since graduating and hear inspirational stories from Sheffield Hallam's alumni community.

This year's campaign will commence on 24th February until 4th April 2019.

If you would like to find out more about how donations can have a transformational impact on our student and research community, please click here.

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