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Other schemes

Need an injection of fresh thinking that won't break the bank?

Try working with our students.

Our internship and project-based schemes give you the chance to get all the benefits of employing a student or recent graduate on a short-term basis and in a cost-effective way.

These schemes are ideal if you

  • need short-term cover, perhaps during holidays
  • have a self-contained project you’re struggling to get off the ground
  • have a specific business problem to solve
  • want to see what a graduate-level employee could offer

Our students are eager to apply their enthusiasm and professional insight to your organisation. Employability is embedded in everything we do, so you can be sure that when you work with one of our students, they are workplace savvy and ready to go.

Our mentoring schemes also give you the chance to share your knowledge and skills with our students, helping us to develop the business leaders of the future.

There are many ways you can work with our students


Working with an intern is a great way to solve a specific business problem or provide short-term cover, perhaps over the summer holidays. Internships typically last from three to six months and can help you to see what a graduate-level employee could do for your organisation.


We can help you put together bespoke teams of students to tackle specific projects or to help you develop a solution to a complex business problem. Projects can involve organising events, conducting market research or designing and implementing websites and other IT systems - whatever your business needs.

Hallam Freelancers

Working with Hallam freelancers allows you to dip into an expert, innovative and independent talent pool to immediately tackle your business challenges. Connecting with our students and graduates on a freelance basis makes them an incredibly flexible and affordable solution when you need it most.

Venture Matrix

Venture Matrix is an award-winning and unique work-based learning scheme. It develops students’ employability and enterprise skills through real life work-related projects, allowing you to play a key role in the development of high quality graduates.


By being a mentor you can help to support a student as they make decisions about their future career. If you don't currently recruit graduates, this could be a chance to see how they might benefit your company. It's easy to become a mentor – all you need to do is share your knowledge and advise a student on a specific subject or industry sector.

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