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Work placements

Work placements allow you to benefit from our students' current knowledge and enthusiasm, giving you a fresh perspective on your business.

Work placements can help you to

  • extend your team without the commitment of a permanent contract
  • resource projects you haven’t had the time or staff to work on
  • streamline your recruitment processes – many students end up returning to work permanently with their placement employer

Our placement support teams will work with you every step of the way to ensure that both you and our student get the most out of the placement.

The length of the work placement will depend on the course of study and your requirements, but typically lasts from 24-48 weeks. However, you can also recruit students for shorter internships, or to help with one-off projects. We are open to ideas and happy to discuss any suggestions that will help your business and give our students experience.

Our students represent your organisation when they are with you. We make sure that they are aware of their responsibility to you and that they act professionally at all times. By accepting a placement in your business, our students agree to

  • make a real contribution to your organisation
  • develop personal, professional and technical skills
  • work to your timescales and deadlines, while also meeting report writing requirements that are part of their studies
  • work to the terms and conditions of their employment
  • relocate to take up a whole work placement if necessary

We offer work placement opportunities across a range of subject areas

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