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Workforce performance

In challenging times, your workforce needs to be flexible, do more with less and have the determination and skills to drive the organisation forward. We can work with you to help get your employees performing at their best.

By making positive changes to your workforce, you can

  • improve productivity
  • reduce staff sickness and absence
  • increase retention levels
  • provide better and more consistent customer service
  • increase the flexibility of your organisation

These changes all contribute to one thing: a healthier bottom line and a brighter future for your business, even if the economic climate is difficult.

Our workforce performance ladder highlights ways to bring out the very best in your employees. You can implement the following ideas and principles as part of a successful HR strategy to get the very best results for your business.


You can get better performance from a strong team than from individuals. We can help you to motivate and strengthen teams by applying sports psychology techniques using our experience of working with top athletes.

Unlocking potential

Help your staff to reach their full potential. We have some of the UK’s top coaching and mentoring experts who can bring out the best in your employees.

Management and leadership

Ensure your employees have the right skills to lead your workforce to success.

Our Business School offers a range of leadership and management education, from short courses and workshops to degrees and MBAs. Find out more.

Training and development

Identify employees’ needs and link training to strategic objectives. We can provide professional development, training and even bespoke courses to empower your employees and improve teamwork.

Workplace health and wellbeing

Reduce absence through sickness and increase staff retention by improving your employees’ mental and physical fitness. We can work with you to help staff change their behaviour, train you to deliver staff health assessments and provide stress management courses and occupational therapy.

Learn about how we can help improve your employees’ health and wellbeing. 

Download our Guide for employers (PDF, 512KB)

A productive working environment

Create an environment that encourages communication, creativity, ideas and teamwork. Our experts in facilities management can help you achieve the optimum layout of your workplace. We also offer ergonomic assessments that ensure your working environment promotes employees’ health.

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