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The Science of Brewing

Date: Monday 12 June 2017
Venue: Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 1WB

As part of the Sheffield Innovation Programme the Biomolecular Science Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University are delivering a workshop that will explore the science behind the brewing process and using current research to increase yield and diversify products. The workshop is relevant to head brewers and brewery technical staff at micro, small and medium sized breweries based in the Sheffield city region.

The workshop will be delivered in two sessions from 10am–4pm on Monday 12 June and Monday 19 June 2017 .

The workshop will cover

  • the molecular process and chemistry of the brewing process 
  • importance of mash temperatures
  • hop molecules, including hop oils and alpha acids
  • the prevention or removal of 'off-flavours'
  • yeast strain selection
  • genetics of yeast strains
  • storage and handling of yeast
  • laboratory tours
  • demonstration of common brewery laboratory techniques, including microscopy, analysis of colour and bitterness, sterile technique
  • sensory evaluation of beers


  • a better understanding of the processes involved in brewing
  • understanding the need for sterility in brewing processes
  • knowledge of sensory panels and training


  • better quality control of products
  • knowledge to increase product range
  • knowledge of evaluation of final products before release to market

The programme is for businesses based in the Sheffield City Region and places are allocated subject to eligibility.

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