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KTP projects are built around your business needs. You tell us about a strategic development that will help your company grow, and we’ll identify the knowledge and solutions to make it happen. Sheffield Hallam’s experienced KTP Team will connect you to the right academic expertise and together we’ll finalise a project plan as the basis for a KTP grant.

When the grant is awarded, together we’ll recruit a talented graduate, known as the KTP Associate, to deliver the project with dedicated support from the relevant academic team at Sheffield Hallam University. KTPs can last from 1 to 3 years, depending on the project’s needs.

Project eligibility

To be suitable for a KTP, your project needs to

  • help the business with a real need
  • fit the strategic aims of the business partner
  • show a genuine market opportunity and a viable route to market
  • explain how the knowledge gained will be embedded within the business partner
  • be innovative
  • have a commercial impact and show wider benefits

Organisation eligibility

To be eligible for a KTP, your business must

  • be a UK-based business including not-for-profit organisations such as social enterprises and charities
  • have 5 or more full-time equivalent employees
  • provide evidence of their ability to financially support their contribution
  • host the associate and provide them with day-to-day supervisory support
  • provide evidence that demonstrates their ability to financially support the exploitation of the project

KTPs do not support businesses in the public sector.

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