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Our food services

Our food services

Whether you want expert research and consultancy to train and develop your employees or to use our state-of-the-art facilities, working with us can help you drive your business forward.

We will build a multidisciplinary team to work with you according to your time and budget constraints.

Product development and analysis

  • sensory evaluation 
  • nutritional analysis of recipes 
  • nutritional expertise in weight management, maternal care and exercise
  • consultancy to develop evidence-based sport nutrition products
  • analysis of the nutritional impact on sport performance
  • microbiology testing to understand properties of products and ingredients
  • cell culture for purity analysis
  • organic molecule synthesis 

Food Engineering

  • process modelling and simulation 
  • thermo-dynamics modelling
  • automation and robotics 
  • lean and six sigma
  • control systems development
  • optimising factory layout
  • energy management and reclaiming waste energy (including heat)
  • waste reduction

Packaging design and branding

  • consumer research and food marketing
  • branding and creative services
  • structural packaging design
  • 3D visualisation of products
  • waste reduction consultancy
  • packaging design research, for example for people with disabilities
  • packaging integrated electronics 
  • prototyping

Logistics and supply chain management

  • logistics and distribution consultancy
  • carbon foot-printing
  • life cycle assessment 
  • resource efficiency of refrigerated supply
  • sustainability communications and corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • supply chain management

Education and staff training

  • postgraduate qualifications including MEng in Food Engineering and MSc in Food Safety and Crisis Management
  • bespoke programme development
  • short courses such as food safety, food hygiene, life cycle analysis and sustainability
  • part-time courses including MBAs and PhDs
  • placement students
  • graduate recruitment
  • student projects (including undergraduate and postgraduate level)

Identifying growth opportunities

*The government-backed Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme enables you to employ a graduate to help you tackle a business challenge. A KTP is a three-way partnership between your company, the graduate and their supervising academic here at the University. KTPs offer additional knowledge, technology and skills, and give you access to our vast range of equipment and facilities.

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