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Technical Services

Technical Services

We're with you every step of the way

We can offer you a wide range of typical services. We can also develop bespoke solutions to meet your individual needs for those occasions when 'off the shelf' just won't work.

Identifying patient and clinical need

  • user and clinician insights
  • health economics

Research and analysis

  • market positioning and validation
  • materials analysis including trace metal, drug and metabolite analysis
  • qualitative analysis of volatile and non-volatile organic compounds

Concept development

  • new product development
  • interaction design
  • graphic and packaging design
  • participatory design
  • service design
  • engineering design
  • materials engineering and modelling
  • programming and simulation
  • determination of molecular structure

Design development and prototyping

  • product prototyping
  • computer aided design (CAD) modelling and simulation
  • coatings
  • organic synthesis of specialty chemical compounds

Testing and evaluation

  • appearance and ergonomics
  • accurate mass measurement
  • bio-analytical testing of products, components and materials
  • microbiological testing of products
  • mass spectrometry analysis of materials
  • X-ray fluorescence surface analysis

Final design and optimisation

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • design for manufacture
  • product evaluation
  • quality assurance
  • commercialisation

We can also help your business to recruit graduates or placement students, train staff on specialist equipment and deliver leadership and management training.

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