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Bespoke education programme for high performing judo coaches

Members of the British Judo Association are the first of our National Governing Body partners to take part in our coach education and development programme which has been designed exclusively for high performing coaches. The programme supports the coaches continuing professional development.

What we did

Coaches on the programme complete a postgraduate award – normally our Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Sport Coaching Practice – with the option to go onto a full MSc by completing a research project. We developed the course in close collaboration with the relevant governing body so that sport specific mentoring can take place. This ensures they satisfy the requirements of the UKCC Level 4 Master Coach Award and they meet the needs of coaches within the specific sport.

Our programmes deliver an advanced syllabus of professional education for high performing coaches, creating and maintaining an optimal learning environment. The programme is built on innovative practice and challenges the traditional educational delivery of postgraduate- standard qualifications.

While on the course, the coaches on our Postgraduate Certificate/Masters in Coaching Judo will

  • develop their ability to write, record, research and deliver quality coaching programmes
  • learn how to use the most up-to-date coaching tools to plan and work with players more effectively
  • increase their knowledge of sports sciences and their application to the judo player
  • explore sports psychology and sport physiology
  • enhance their performance analysis skills
  • work with players at high performance levels
  • work with the British Judo Association High Performance Coaching Team

As part of our coach education offer, we provide learning and generic mentors who are able to challenge, support and nurture coaches to help them achieve the level 4 award. Our programme makes use of work-based learning which is incorporated into the learning programme allowing for mentor input and learning from within the current coaching context. 

The result

Our first cohort of 16 coaches from British Judo commenced study in January 2014. The new skills and knowledge that the coaches learn will enhance their confidence and ability to work with elite performance players. As a result, they will be in a better position to apply for career progression opportunities, with many aspiring to become part of the British Judo's High Performance Coaching Team.

They say

This course is a key opportunity for our coaches to progress from UKCC L3 in Performance or UK Sport coaching education programmes as well as enhance their ability to work with performance/elite performance players they currently work with or hope to work with in the future. It will also enable them to increase their opportunity to work in High Performance Judo (employee or contract) and to enhance their knowledge and understanding of elite High Performance judo as part of the BritJA's High Performance Coaching Team.

Joyce Heron, Training and Education Manager, British Judo

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