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Creation of a new e-learning programme for schools

What we did

SOS Games and Media, a developer of interactive multimedia games and training solutions, wanted to create a new e-learning programme for use in schools.  

They collaborated with researchers from Sheffield Hallam and produced assessed GCSE Physical Education. It's an interactive learning programme in game format, which includes over 400 questions covering 27 topics for the theoretical aspects of GCSE PE.

This teaching, revision and assessment resource can be personalised and tailored to the individual needs of the pupil, providing detailed analysis of results to give evidence of progress and to set targets for future learning.

The result

It was trialled in schools and then launched by Curriculum Online, which allows schools to purchase the programme using their e-learning credits.

They say

The DVD has a range of different options which make it a really flexible teaching, learning and assessment resource. Students can play as a group, with up to eight groups playing at any one time, and the teacher can send different questions to each group so can focus on specific areas where a particular group needs to improve their knowledge. 

Not only is it fun to do, but the teacher can collate and analyse the results to use them to monitor pupil progress and plan future lessons, targeting the areas of most need. This was a successful collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University and SOS Games and Media, and it is hoped that assessed GCSE Physical Education is just the first in a series of resources which will be developed using the same technology through the partnership.

Diane Burkinshaw, subject leader for physical education at Sheffield Hallam

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