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Final Year Careers Checklist

Final Year Careers Checklist

This resource has been carefully crafted by our experienced Employability Advisers to help you identify which areas you may need to work on and make progress in your career journey as you approach the end of your course.

Use The Final Year Careers Checklist below to pick from the 8 sections which you think are the most relevant to you and work through the links and resources provided to improve your employability skills. We recommend you focus on at least 3 sections.

Before starting your experience with our Checklist, please take a moment to complete our survey. This will take approx. 2 minutes and will allow us to measure your progress and evaluate the usefulness of the resources below. We will contact you at certain points in the year to follow up on your use of the Checklist.

Start building your checklist

Managing Academic Study – Maximise your academic potential

Use the resources below if you want support with feedback on your academic writing, study, or research skills as well as direct links to academic support services to help you achieve the best grades for you.

Emotional and Financial Wellbeing - Support to help you manage the final year of your studies

Use the resources below if you feel you are struggling and in need of advice, whether that be personal, financial or wellbeing related help and support.

Extracurricular Activities - Get involved in opportunities this year to boost your employability

Your final year at university is the ideal time to get involved in activities outside your studies that will help you develop and build evidence of the transferable skills you have to offer to prospective employers. Help make your job application stand out from the crowd with the resources below.

Career Exploration - Not sure what you want to do next year? Start thinking about which options might be best for you

It can be an anxious time in your final year if you don’t know what you want to do when you’ve completed your studies. Gain an increased self-awareness of your strengths, personality, and motivation in relation to different job sectors.

Career Planning – Develop your career ideas

You may already have some careers ideas but want support making the most of them. Use these resources to help maximise your employability potential and your awareness of the options available to you in your chosen field.

Presenting yourself Professionally – Is your CV and online presence ‘Graduate Ready’?

Find a range of fantastic resources to help boost your professional profile both before (to try and secure an interview) and during interview/assessment centres.

Further Study – Help for searching, applying for and funding further study

Although you are coming to the end of your current course, you may be considering staying on for further studies. Use these resources to find out more and feel more informed about what further study and funding options are available to you.

Transitioning into the Workplace – Navigate your way in your first year as a graduate

Increase your confidence when stepping into the graduate job market by knowing your rights at work, as well as finding details on where to go for wellbeing and financial support when transitioning from student to graduate.