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Need a regular income whilst studying? Find a part time job that works for you

Need a regular income whilst studying? Find a part time job that works for you

Many Sheffield Hallam students find themselves needing to work whilst undertaking their degree. Adding some cash to the student loan can certainly help with everyday expenses. Local students may even continue with part time jobs they have been doing for a while. In that situation it would be easy to think your life hasn’t changed very much by coming to university. But your opportunities have changed…You will have the chance to participate in a variety of fun, sporting, educational, travel and development projects now that won’t be available to you when you are no longer a student. Yes, some of these were dampened by the pandemic but opportunities are now moving in a positive direction!

So, how can you make a part time job work for you?

  • Only do the hours you need to work. Agree at the start your maximum hours with an employer. Of course, international students on a Student Visa are not able to work above 15 hours per week during term time.
  • ‘0’ hours contracts are commonplace for students. Don’t feel guilty if you cannot do a shift…. This is the type of contract the employer has chosen. Remember you are entitled to holiday pay too, even if you are on a ‘0’ hours contract
  • Think about roles that may give you some perks – free meals, travel expenses, discounts
  • Are you expected to pay for your own taxi home after midnight? If so, you are working at least an hour for free!
  • More roles are becoming remote – these may really help you make the most efficient use of your time

Part time doesn’t mean less competitive

  • Some part-time roles, particularly hospitality, often ask for experience due to the fast nature of the work and high customer service skills. It is common to do a trial shift
  • Make sure your CV is concise (one page) and focuses on the skills for the job - use the tools on our CV page to help you
  • Supermarkets nearly always use their own website to recruit where some bars and shops still put a note in the window!
  • Remember, we have jobs at the University too. Campus jobs are advertised on Handshake and come up all the time.

Keep your eyes and ears open

  • Your flat mates are often a good source of part time work. Companies often ask their current staff if they can recommend a reliable friend. If you aren’t reliable don’t put your mate in an awkward position!
  • Some part time roles may give you an insight into a sector you hadn’t thought about before
  • Having a group of ‘work friends’ as well as university friends expands your social life. You also get to see Sheffield from a local’s perspective too

Indeed is also a source of advertised roles, as well as the Work While You Study Fair on 5 October on the Handshake platform. You will be able to meet over 25 different employers to learn more about the opportunities they have available and ask any questions you may have. Remember: you will need to activate your Handshake account and fill in your interests before you can register for our events or start your job search

This article was written by Karen Allan, Employability Adviser.

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