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Policy evaluation and research

Theme lead: Tony Gore

In an ever more complex, differentiated yet intertwined world the wide range of economic, social and environmental issues faced by communities, nations and humanity at large call forth varied policy interventions at multiple scales. The impact and effectiveness of such interventions – and their subsequent improvement – needs critical but constructive research and evaluation.

Applied policy research with impact lies at the core of all that CRESR does. We seek to contribute to the development and application of relevant concepts, theoretical frameworks, research methods and analytical approaches through both contract and academic research. Our frame of reference is a broad one: seeking to set policy in its wider social, political and cultural milieu, and as such our interests inevitably encompass forms of government, modes of governance, distribution of resources and mechanisms of engagement and representation. While our focus will readjust according to changing circumstances, at present topics under scrutiny include

  • Approaches to policy impact and process evaluation
  • Policy formulation and implementation
  • Modes and practices of governance and government
  • Administrative/constitutional devolution arrangements
  • Stakeholder/citizen involvement and representation
  • Political science and state theory
  • Systems analysis and process tracing
  • New and emerging evaluation and research methods
  • Alternative data sources
  • Researching responses to COVID-19

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Dr Tony Gore

Senior Research Fellow in CRESR

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