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Covid-19 student guidance

Covid-19 student guidance

Test before you travel

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This page explains how to stay safe and protect our community both on campus and at home.

In addition to our safety measures, you should always follow the latest government guidance.

Safety measures

When it comes to Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases, we put safety first.

Please take the following steps to reduce the risk of catching and spreading Covid-19.

  • don’t come on to campus if you have Covid-19 or symptoms
  • get vaccinated
  • wear a face covering in crowded spaces, and when asked to do so by teaching or specialist staff
  • keep a safe distance from others
  • let fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meet outside
  • wash your hands regularly and wipe down your desk and equipment

What to do if you have Covid-19 or symptoms

We strongly advise you not to come on to campus if you are unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms.

Avoid contact with others and take sensible steps to reduce the risk of transmission.

See government guidance for lateral flow tests and reporting your results.

Respect for others

Please remember to be respectful on campus, at home, and in the community.

We really appreciate your cooperation with our safety measures, it’s important to:

  • protect the University and local community
  • reduce Covid-19 transmissions
  • enjoy the full university experience
  • support government public advice

Outbreaks of Covid-19

The University has a robust plan to manage outbreaks of Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases.

This is developed in conjunction with local public health services and government guidance.