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Accessibility and special requirements

We can make arrangements for any graduate or guest with special requirements, including wheelchair users, mobility problems, hearing and visual impairments. Please give details of your needs in the 'special requirements' section of the online booking form and we'll take them into consideration when allocating tickets.

Please note, unless stated otherwise, that we will allocate your guest tickets all together regardless of any special requirement, as long as you let us know before the closing date on 25th October.

Not sure what to do? Call the graduation team on 0114 225 5353 and we'll be happy to help.

Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access to the foyer and Oval Hall is by a ramp at the front of the building (on the left as you look at the main entrance). There are lifts to get to all areas of City Hall, including to the ballroom where gowning and photography takes place. Please make sure you let us know if you or your guest is a wheelchair user and we can ensure that you are sat in the correct seating.

Mobility issues (including stair access)

Although there are lifts to access all areas of the City Hall, please update your special requirements when booking your tickets if you have any issues with mobility. Guests can be seated in the upper areas of City Hall in the balcony and some of these seats do have stairs to access them.

Graduates also have a short walk once inside the Oval Hall and can be stood for around 5-10 minutes before they go onto the stage. Access on and off the stage is via a short flight of stairs. A member of Sheffield Hallam staff will be at the bottom of the stairs to help any graduates who may find it difficult to use the stairs.


We allocate tickets to all areas of the City Hall including the balcony. If your guests suffer from vertigo or have a fear of heights, please let us know in advance so we can allocate your guest seating more appropriately. If you do not let us know, we cannot guarantee that your guest seats will be on the lower ground floor.

Sign language interpreters

If you require a sign language interpreter for you or your guests, please let us know by updating your special requirements when booking tickets and we can arrange this for you.

Visual requirements

If you or your guests have a severe visual impairment we can make arrangements for them to be closer to the stage and on the ground level if you wish.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas of the City Hall, however please let us know on your special requirements when booking so that we can sit you on an aisle seat.

Need more information?

For more on special requirements, please visit our FAQs section

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