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  • What if I don't receive my full allocation?

    If we are unable to allocate your full ticket booking request, we will issue a full refund on any cancelled tickets as quickly as possible after the closing date of 25 October 2019.

    If you did not receive your full allocation and would like a refund on further guest tickets, please ring the graduation office as soon as possible on 0114 225 5353. The deadline for refunds in this circumstance is Friday 8 November.
  • How much are the tickets?

    Graduate tickets are free, and guest tickets are £10 each (free for children under 5 years old).
  • I can't see the link to book tickets – what do I do?

    If it’s after 1 August, you can't see the link, you have received all of your results and have selected the correct student code (if it asks you to select this upon logging in to My Student Record), please contact the Graduation Office as soon as possible.

    Your correct student code will be included in the email to let you know you are now able to book tickets and will look like this: 12345678/3.
  • Are children allowed to attend graduation ceremonies?

    Yes, children are allowed to attend the graduation ceremonies and we do have a special children's room for those under the age of five who become unsettled. Find out more.
  • Do I have to pay for children?

    All children, including babies, need a ticket to enter the Oval Hall, but if the child is under the age of 5, their ticket is free.
  • What if I or my guest(s) have special requirements?

    When booking tickets you will be asked to tell us about any special requirements you or your guests have. Give us as much detail as possible so we can help you on the day.

    Find out more.
  • When is the latest I can book?

    The closing date for ticket bookings is 25 October 2019. After this date, any graduate who has not booked their ticket will need to pay a late fee of £25.
  • Why can you only guarantee 3 guest tickets?

    We try to give students as many tickets as we can for their graduation, but some ceremonies have a high demand. All students graduating in a particular ceremony have the same maximum amount of guest tickets, regardless of when you book.
  • Why do you charge for graduation tickets?

    We don’t have a venue large enough for our graduation ceremonies on campus, and there is a charge to hire Sheffield City Hall. We do not make a profit from the graduation ceremonies.
  • When will I find out how many tickets I have been allocated?

    The My Tickets section in My Certificate and Graduation on My Student Record will be updated during the week commencing 28 October 2019 – we'll email you when your ticket allocation is available to view. If you haven't been allocated all the tickets you've booked and paid for, refunds will be made to the card you paid with.

    Tickets are allocated after the booking deadline to ensure all graduates have the same opportunity to apply for tickets.
  • I've ordered too many tickets. Can I get a refund?

    You will be able to get a refund for your tickets, as long as you request the refund before the closing date of 25 October 2019. After this date, we will no longer be able to process your refund request, except for in exceptional circumstance.
  • How will I receive my graduation tickets?

    If you have a UK address on My Student Record, you'll receive your tickets by post approximately one week before your ceremony.

    If you have an overseas address, your tickets will be available for collection from the Information desk at Sheffield City Hall two hours before your ceremony.

    You can change your ticket address in the Check and Amend My Details section on My Student Record until Friday 25 October 2019 – after this date please contact the Graduation Office on 0114 225 5353.
  • I have paid for my tickets but can no longer attend my ceremony. What should I do?

    Contact the Graduation Office on or 0114 225 5353. We will give you a refund if you notify us before Friday 25 October 2019.
  • I didn't get all of my requested tickets and need to change or cancel some of them.

    If you would like any additional tickets refunding as a result of the ticket allocation we are happy to do this as long as the refund is requested before Friday 8 November 2019.
  • I haven't received my tickets in the post and my graduation date is coming up soon. What should I do?

    We aim to get the graduation tickets to you a week before your ceremony so you have them in time. Unfortunately they can sometimes get lost in the post or sent to an incorrect address.

    If you still haven't received your graduation tickets when it gets to your ceremony day, please visit the Information Desk at City Hall where we will be able to provide you with duplicates.

Gowning and photographs


  • I'm not going to attend graduation. How do I get my certificate?

    We do not issue certificates at our graduation ceremonies. Your certificate will be sent by standard mail (second class post for UK destinations and Air Mail for overseas – there will be no tracking numbers).
  • When will I receive my certificate?

    You can monitor the status of your certificate via Certificate Information in the My Certificate and Graduation section of My Student Record.

    We aim to post certificates out as soon as possible after your results are final. Please be aware that with such large numbers of students graduating, particularly from June to September, processing times may vary.
  • How do I check my certificate address?

    Log in to My Student Record, choose My Certificate and Graduation and click the ‘Important - check your certificate details’ link in the ‘My Certificate’ container. If the preview of your address is incorrect, then follow the on-screen instructions (please note that once your certificate is printed, this link will no longer be available).

    Your certificate address can be different to your home address to allow you to collect your certificate from the University or have it sent to an alternative correspondence address, such as to an employer or agency. It is your responsibility to check that this address is correct.
  • What name will be printed on my certificate and can I change it?

    You are responsible for ensuring that your name is recorded accurately by the University. Certificates are issued in the name that is recorded at the date that you achieve your award.

    After your certificate has been issued we will not permit changes to your name unless in exceptional circumstances. Further details of this policy can be found here.
  • I haven't received my certificate. What do I do?

    If you haven't received your certificate after four weeks of it being sent (six weeks for overseas addresses), please contact us at
  • Who can I contact with questions about my certificate?

    Please contact the certificates team at or on 0114 225 4441.

City Hall facilities

Special requirements

  • What if I or my guests have a disability?

    Arrangements can be made for any graduate or guest with special requirements, such as wheelchair users or mobility problems. Please give details in the appropriate section of the online booking form and we'll ensure that these are taken into consideration when allocating tickets.

    Please note that the balcony area of the City Hall is very high and not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo.
  • If one of my guests is in a wheelchair, will we all be sat together?

    Yes. If you tell us before the booking deadline that one or more of your guests is in a wheelchair, we will ensure that all of your guests are seated together.
  • I or one of my guests has a disability and I did not state this when booking tickets.

    You can update your special requirements on My Student Record by going to 'My Certificate and Graduation' and ' Special Requirements' until 25 October 2019.

    After this date, please contact the Graduation Office on 0114 225 5353 and we will try to find a practical and suitable solution.
  • Can I talk to someone about my special requirement?

    You are welcome to contact the graduation office, but we will also contact you if we feel we need more clarification on your special requirement.

VISAs and international ceremonies

  • How do I request VISA support letters?

    Go to My Student Record, My Certificate and Graduation. You will then see a link to Request Visa Support Letter. You will need passport numbers for all your guests in order to request your letters. You can request to collect the letters from the Graduation Office, print them at home or have them posted. If you have any problems requesting your visa support letters please contact the Graduation Office on 0114 225 5353.
  • Do you offer any advice on applying for a VISA?

    For any advice on applying for your VISA, please talk to the International Experience Team on or 0114 225 5555.


  • I haven't received any emails about graduation but I think I am eligible to graduate this year.

    In the first instance, please go to My Student Record and check that we have the correct contact details for you in the 'Check and Amend My Details' section of My Student Record. If these are correct, then please contact the graduation office ( and we will have a look into this for you.

    *Please note that you will lose access to your Sheffield Hallam email address after you have completed your course so it is better that we have a personal email address to contact you on.
  • What should I wear for my ceremony?

    We suggest that you wear smart attire, as you would for an interview. As the gown hood has a loop in front designed to hook over a button which keeps it tidy and in place, it is easier if you wear a shirt, blouse or dress with a button-through front. The weight of the hood may cause a lightweight shirt or blouse to ride up. You may want to bring safety pins and/or grips to keep your hood and hat securely in place. Please don't wear jeans or t-shirts.
  • What time should I arrive for my ceremony?

    We recommend that you arrive at least two hours before your ceremony start time in order for you to have enough time to collect your gown and have your photographs taken etc. The Oval Hall will open approximately 45 minutes prior to your ceremony time.

    If you are making a long journey, it is recommended that you check the weather forecast and reports of any roadworks along your planned route.
  • How long does the ceremony last?

    We recommend that you allow up to two hours for the ceremony, but most last around 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Will people be able to tell what classification I received in my degree?

    No, we do not make this information public during your graduation ceremony. You are simply asked to walk onto stage when we call your course in alphabetical order. When seated with your course, you are seated in alphabetical order.
  • How do I know if I have won a prize and will this be announced at my ceremony?

    You will be contacted before your graduation ceremony if you have won a graduation prize and this will be read out at your ceremony.
  • Will I be sitting with my guests during the ceremony?

    No. As there is a specific order in which you will process to the stage, you will be seated with all of the other graduates from your course in the stalls area.
  • How do I order a copy of my ceremony DVD? will be providing video coverage at your graduation ceremony, capturing your special moment on stage. There are a range of products on offer ensuring that you can re-live your day and share it with those who couldn't be there.
  • I have changed address since I applied online to attend. What should I do?

    You can update your address in the ‘Check and amend my details’ page in the 'My Certificate and Graduation' section of My Student Record until Friday 25 October 2019. After this date, please contact the Graduation Office on 0114 225 5353.
  • I have outstanding debts – can I still attend graduation?

    If you have an outstanding debt relating to your programme of study, you will not be eligible to receive your certificate or attend graduation until this has been cleared.
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