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Meet your new Students' Union officers

Thursday 04 May 2017

Following a record breaking election season, during which 3,873 votes were cast, your new Students' Union officers are ready to take on their post and make a change in 2017/18.

Read on to learn more about the full-time officers that will be representing you, including their plans for the coming year.

President - Luke Renwick

Luke returns to the Students' Union following a year as education officer. As President, Luke plans to

  • introduce recorded lectures
  • abolish text book costs
  • create cheaper and more varied food across campus
  • extend free printing and cash machines to Collegiate campus
  • introduce loyalty cards to reinvest money back into clubs and societies

Watch Luke's campaign video here.

Activities officer - Bethany Howden

Bethany joins the Students' Union as president of the Knit Like Your Nana society. As activities officer, Beth plans to

  • bring more events to Collegiate campus
  • create a mid-term Fresher's Week to offer more opportunities to all students
  • develop links between media courses and the Union radio station
  • reintroduce RAG through collaboration as a volunteering project
  • promote international volunteering and the overall volunteering offer
  • ensure all societies feel valued and supported through regular collaborations

Watch Beth's campaign video here.

Education officer - Davey Silver

After a year as welfare and community officer, Davey returns to the Students' Union as education officer. Davey plans to focus on

  • students' mental health with more stress busting events and activities
  • the teaching excellence framework and the educational challenges faced by students
  • creating 'safe spaces' on campus with a focus on developing the Union building
  • creating more inspiring events such as the BME in Leadership Conference
  • working with Sheffield Hallam University to improve assessment journeys
  • timetabling and striving to work with the University to develop this for students

Watch Davey's campaign video here.

Sports and physical officer - Josh Nimmins

President of Snow Sports for the past 2 years, Josh joins the Union with a wealth of Hallam sport knowledge. As sports and physical activity officer, Josh plans to

  •  develop the Team Hallam membership structure
  •  give more clubs access to the right facilities and coaching, no matter what their size
  • create a 'find-a-friend' online community for those looking to try out social sport
  • start a 'sport swap' programme for clubs to showcase their sport and increase participation
  • develop the kit worn by each club to create cohesion across Team Hallam
  • meet with club committees more frequently for feedback

Watch Josh's campaign video here.

Welfare and community officer - Mohammed Abdulredha

Mohammed joins the Students' Union following a strong campaign which even involved a specially designed Snapchat filter. As your welfare and community officer. Mohammed plans to

  • reduce financial burden by providing annual printing and scanning credits
  • maintain equality by stressing the importance of anonymity in marking
  • develop plans for more halal and vegan options across campus catering
  • support and empower liberation groups and to sustain equality in the SHU community
  • improve upon mental health campaigns to ensure the SU has the capability to provide appropriate support
  • create more equipment and activities for disabled students to engage with the SU
  • address landlord exploitation and accommodation issues, and provide access to financial advice

Watch Mohammed's campaign video here.

Congratulations to the officers starting in June. Once they get started, call in to the HUBS to see them and find out more about how they intend to have a positive impact on your student experience.

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