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University statement on recent incident

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Some of you will be aware of a recent incident in which racist graffiti was found on our University campus. Any incident of this nature is unacceptable, and I know I am not alone in being appalled by this. Racism in our University will not be tolerated in any form and the safety of our students and staff on campus is of paramount importance. 

The location of the incident has made investigation and identification of the perpetrator more difficult given the number of people using the space. This is disappointing as our natural instinct is to want to know what is being done. I share that disappointment.    

We are a diverse and welcoming community. We are committed to advancing race equality and to eradicating racism in all its forms. Through our work on the Race Equality Charter, we have been listening carefully to what our staff and students tell us about their experience at Sheffield Hallam and we are working hard to build a University culture where everybody feels welcome and is able to thrive. All of us have a part to play in making that happen.

Incidents of hate crime can be reported using our Report and Support tool where there is also further information about what to do if you think you or someone you know has witnessed a hate crime. We know this hasn’t always seemed clear to people, and as part of our work on the Race Equality Charter, we are continually reviewing our processes for reporting all forms of harassment. As part of this work, we are currently looking into how we better communicate to students and staff about the appropriate channels to use.

We work closely with our Students’ Union in our shared commitment to ensuring an inclusive and respectful University community. They stand beside us in our intolerance of hate crime. Below is a statement from Ellis Clark, Vice-President of the Student’s Union.

Whilst this incident is a sobering reminder of the work we still have to do, I am proud to work for a University where equality, diversity and inclusion is valued and where we have a zero-tolerance approach to harassment in all its forms.

Dr Sally Jackson
Chief People Officer, Sheffield Hallam University

Statement from Hallam University Students’ Union 

Sheffield Hallam University is a global and diverse community. We are clear that any act of abuse or inflammatory hate speech or language, happening on campus, online or elsewhere, will not be tolerated by Hallam University Students' Union.

The Students' Union works closely with the University to prevent hate crime and support students who become victims of hate crime or incidents. The Students' Union Advice Centre is also a designated Hate Crime Reporting Centre.

I would always encourage that should anyone experience or witness abuse or inappropriate behaviour, please report it to the University or via the Students' Union Advice Centre straight away. 

Ellis Clark
Vice-President, Hallam University Students’ Union

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