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The inside view on...#SHUinsiders

Friday 26 June 2015

By second year history student Clarissa Alford

I'm part of the #SHUinsiders team - a small group of regular students who share their hints, tips and experiences via social media, helping you get the most from Uni life. Whether it's a Tweet, a picture on Instagram, a Facebook post or a blog, we'll share anything we think a Sheffield Hallam student wants to see.

I first got involved a few months ago during a student workshop for The Insider's Guide. The University's marketing team asked us loads of questions about our experiences and what we'd like to share with other students, and they used what we said to create the content. I even ended up featuring in it - I'm on page 56 talking about independent shops in the city centre - and that's where my #SHUinsiders journey began.

The Insider's Guide helps you see Hallam from a student's perspective so you can identify with it. You don’t need to read it from cover to cover, but it's definitely a good idea to have a browse. The glossary in the back is a great point of reference too in case you have an issue or you're unsure who to speak to. I'd recommend keeping hold of it all year so you can refer back to it.

The #SHUinsiders are an extension of the guide really. Sheffield's a unique city and there's always something new to discover, and we help promote what's out there. For example, I Tweeted about a gorgeous little coffee shop recently which was giving away free hot drinks, and I've written a blog about where to buy great value food. I'll also post information about Hallam and its services if I think you'll find it useful.

Being a #SHUinsider has made me a lot more attentive and it's helped me discover loads of new things. Rather than going to the same places I went to back home in Birmingham, I investigate local businesses and get to know local people. You'll get much more out of being here by exploring the city as much as you can. I'm learning more every day.

Keep an eye out for my posts which will be shared on the Sheffield Hallam Uni Twitter account. Or search for '#SHUinsiders' on whatever social media you use. You can also follow me directly, and if you have a question, just post one and I’ll get back to you. Then put yourself out there and explore Sheffield, and help other students by sharing your own discoveries.

Become a #SHUinsider

If you want to become part of the #SHUinsiders team, email Caroline Reynolds at and she'll get in touch with you. This is a great chance to represent your University and build skills that will help you stand out to future employers, and we're offering payments and other incentives to the students who take part.

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