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  • Megan Bean

    'Staff at Hallam helped me to smash down the barriers between me and my dreams, and enabled me to do my best – without anxiety and depression getting in the way!'

  • Amy Johnson

    ‘Since being at Sheffield Hallam I have used a lot of their facilities, especially the gym and strength and conditioning suite. It's helped me to reach personal targets through my sport and play at several different levels up the player pathway.'

  • Charlotte Sheffield

    'The career advisers have helped me in a variety of way, especially helping me steer my CV in the right direction. They gave me helpful tips on what people are looking for in the legal industry. One of the most effective hints was to give examples to any comment in my CV.'

  • Saiorse Berney

    'I decided to get more involved and I missed being part of a choir, so I joined Hallam Harmonies. I enjoy singing all the time and thought it would be a nice break from my uni work.'

  • Megan Snape

    'I'm very heavily involved in sports but I know many activators who describe themselves as not sports-orientated – they purely run the sessions for a laugh and to meet new people. That's what it's all about, being friendly and helping people who don't really like competitive sport.'

  • Dan Garlick

    'The new careers centre is a great facility. The programme of events can really benefit students – I've already been to workshops on creativity, using LinkedIn, and building an online presence.'

  • Emma Rigby

    'I think that work experience during my degree is so important when applying for a job. A degree will get you an interview, but you need real-life work experiences to talk about to show you're employable.'

  • Alice Game

    'My role is such a great opportunity for me. Not only will the experiences I learn help me finish my last year at University but I feel that I will grow massively as a person. I have a lot of responsibility in this role and have already learnt so much.'

  • Aaron Millward

    'My experience throughout my volunteering has showed me that I can make a positive difference in my local community.'

  • Howard Duffy

    'I want to make students recognised for what they've done at uni and make them more employable in the future. I'm passionate about making sure students have a voice.'

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