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Howard Duffy

Hallam Students' Union President Howard on...

His role as Students' Union president

'While I was the democracy and communications officer, I became highly interested in the other things the president is responsible for. I see it as a key chance to continue working with students and to put their views to the forefront of the union and the university.

'I want to make students recognised for what they've done at uni and make them more employable in the future. I'm passionate about making sure students have a voice.'

How the union and the university work together

'Both the university and the students' union are here to support students. We work together to make things better for all students. It's my job to make sure everyone embraces what the students want.'

Helping you make the most if it

'I'm here to make sure you have the time of your life whilst studying here. You're here to get an education, but there's much more here. All the other experiences – societies, sport, volunteering – these are the building blocks for the rest of your life, and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible.'

The Sheffield Hallam community spirit

'It's similar to the Yorkshire spirit. Once you come to Sheffield Hallam, all the experiences you get are friendly. You make bonds with people – your friends, housemates, people on your course, your tutors – and it instils a sense of community.

'I know lots of people who are proud to say they come to Sheffield Hallam, and they'll remain proud for the rest of their lives.'

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