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Tom Bassindale

Tom Bassindale, Forensic Scientist

Before Sheffield Hallam I worked as a forensic toxicologist in both London and New Zealand. I worked as a toxicology reporting officer, supplying forensic science to the police and going to court to explain the results when required.

Before this I completed my PhD and worked in the UK's World Anti-Doping Agency accredited sports drug testing lab in London for about five years.

I was involved in forensic science-related work for over ten years before coming to Sheffield Hallam. During this time I reported on lots of exciting cases and was involved in big trials in New Zealand. I am able to use these personal experiences in my teaching to illustrate the importance of forensic science to the criminal justice system.

I also teach fundamental science using case studies which add story to the science and keeps students interested. By sharing my experiences with students I can keep them engaged in their studies and excited about possible future careers in forensic science.

We're good at helping students acquire the skills required by employers.

I have links to quite a few forensic scientists in the UK and often chat with them about what they think our students need to know. This means our courses can be reactive to the needs of employers and the current market.

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