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How to pack for uni

An illustration of some student items including a bicycle, food and clothes

By Myah Jagjivan, business studies student

'Different people pack different amounts for uni. I would say one large suitcase of clothes, a couple of boxes of other stuff and a binliner of bedding is about the right level.

'However much your parents want you to bring four of everything, you only really need one or two bowls, knives, forks, etc. Otherwise you'll end up with 20 bowls in the cupboard.

'Along with all the obvious things like towels, an alarm clock and your laptop, here are some useful things you might forget:

  • Coat hangers – lots of my friends forgot to pack these

  • Photos of friends and family – the fastest way to make it feel like home

  • Earplugs and an eye mask - to help get your 8 hours' sleep a night

  • Portable speakers – bring the music to any party

  • As much food from home as possible – spaghetti, beans, tuna, anything that doesn’t go off'

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