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Book a Study Needs Assessment

Before you can book a Study Needs Assessment you must have applied for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA) and have received confirmation from your funding body that you are eligible for DSA and can book an assessment.

The easiest way to book your appointment is over the phone so please give us a call on 0114 225 3623.

We understand that you may prefer to book your appointment via email. To make a booking via email you will need to inform us of the nature of your disability so that we can send you the relevant booking form. Please do so by sending us an email to

Please be aware that once you've booked your appointment you'll need to be able to send us the following documents before your appointment takes place

  • The letter/email from your funding body confirming you're eligible for DSA and can book a Study Needs Assessment
  • The medical evidence you used to apply for DSA.

If the only copy of your medical evidence is with your funding body you will need to request this from them immediately so you are able to send it to us before your appointment.

We'll explain all of this in more detail when you've booked your Study Needs Assessment.

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