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My Study Needs Assessment

Things to do before your assessment

The Sheffield Regional Assessment Centre currently offer appointments by telephone or video only. You will choose which option you prefer when you complete our booking form. Before we can book you in to a Study Needs Assessment we will need you to send us the following documents:

- Booking form
Please complete our online booking request form. If you’d prefer to speak to someone over the phone please call us on 0114 225 3623 or email to request an appointment.

- DSA eligibility letter
This is the letter or email your funding body sent you to confirm that you're eligible for DSA and can book a Study Needs Assessment. If your Funding Body is Student Finance, you should have received a copy via email or via your Student Finance Account.

- Medical evidence
Please send us a copy of the medical evidence you sent to your funding body when you applied for DSA. If you sent the originals to your funding body and do not have a copy please let us know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or think that you will have problems getting the documents to us please get in touch. We cannot guarantee we will be able to go ahead with your assessment without all of these documents.

If you do not have a digital copy of your medical evidence you can use a mobile scanning app. We recommend 'Scannable by Evernote' for IOS devices and 'Clear Scan' for Android devices. This allows you to scan all pages of a document and converts into a PDF to send to


Before you arrive

Please note that due to government guidelines face-to-face appointments are currently not possible.

Please familiarise yourself with the directions, travel information and location of the assessment centre before you arrive. Your assessment should take around two hours- please ensure you allow enough time to attend. 

If you are running late for your assessment please call us on 0114 225 3623 so that we can notify the assessor. If you are more than 20-30 minutes late we may not be able to go ahead with the appointment. 

If you cannot attend your appointment please let us know as soon as possible as cancelling within 24 hours of the appointment will mean we will need to charge your funding body. This fee will come out of your general allowance. 

During the assessment

Your study needs assessment is a confidential, informal discussion with an assessor to agree on a support package to meet your specific needs. Your assessor will explore your current learning styles and support needs, in relation to your course requirements, to produce forward thinking support recommendations. These recommendations may include

  • Computer equipment
  • Assistive software
  • 1:1 support and tuition
  • Transport strategies

Your assessor will write a report which will be ready for you to look at within 10 working days of the assessment. Your report will outline the recommended support costs, so that your Funding Body can put your support in place as quickly as possible.

After your assessment

1.    The Assessor will write your Study Needs Assessment report based on the information you shared during your assessment. You will receive a copy of your Study Needs Assessment report within ten working days. If you requested to see a draft copy of your report and have any questions about the draft you must contact us, if you do not, we will send the report to your funding body after five working days.


2.    We will send the final copy of your Study Needs Assessment report to you, to your funding body and to the Disability Adviser at your University, if you have given your permission for us to do this.


3.    Your funding body will then consider the recommendations in the report and send you an entitlement letter to confirm the support that they will agree to fund. Please inform us at if you have not had any contact from your funding body five weeks after you have received a final copy of your report.


4.    The entitlement letter will confirm which supplier(s) have been selected and you may now contact them to order any equipment and software that has been approved.


5.    The entitlement letter will also confirm which supplier(s) have been selected for your non-medical helper support and you may now contact them to book any support that has been approved.


6.    If you have any question or concerns after your Study Needs Assessment our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 200.3KB) leaflet may help, or please contact us.

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