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Where should I go for help

Where should I go for help

Digital experience team

The digital experience team can help with a range of support issues and collaborative work, below is a list of areas of expertise. 

Slack channel

  • Sitecore publishing issues
  • Unlocking pages
  • Sitecore functionality advice
  • Website development freeze information
  • Reporting website errors (abnormal page functionality)
  • Website best practice

Join our Slack channel



If you would like to discuss redirects please complete our redirects form for the team to review. If you require a new short URL, complete and submit a request via our short URL form.


Sitecore updates, known issues and developments

Release notes and known bugs


Web publishing standards

Writing for the web


Work requests

To discuss working with us on larger projects. Please be aware we that there is up to a two week run time before we will be in touch to discuss your project.

Request support

Collaborative work

Digital Technology Services (DTS)

Difficulties logging in to Sitecore.


General content updates

For general content updates email the marketing enquiries inbox.


Course page updates

Updates to course pages are managed through the Unidesk system. Complete our request form and select the appropriate change request option. Sending individual requests for each issue will ensure your request is immediately directed to the appropriate team.

On completion of the form you will receive an email that lets you know which team will be dealing with your request, and receive an initial response from that team within 3 working days. Once your request has been completed, you will also receive an additional confirmation email.

How does the change process work?

The online prospectus (OLP) now draws core course information directly from course records held in SITS (the University’s main student records management system). Core course updates therefore need to be actioned in SITS in order to then be published to the OLP.

Updates to course data will be made in SITS. The updated data is then imported from SITS to Sitecore (our external website) during the first week of each month. Updates are then published to go live on the OLP. This means that non-essential updates made in SITS may take up to one month to appear on the OLP via the next scheduled publish.

Who can submit a change request?

Course Leaders can submit requests to make changes to course page information except for ‘course no longer recruiting’ and ‘entry requirements’. All change requests for ‘course no longer recruiting’ and ‘entry requirements’ must be discussed with and agreed by the College Head of Student Recruitment (or their nominated delegate) prior to submission.

Who will be dealing with my request?

Each course page on the OLP collates and displays a wide range of course information. Specialist teams are responsible for different elements of the displayed course information.

The Unidesk change request system has been implemented to streamline and simplify course page updates. It automatically directs change requests to the specific team responsible for them. It also provides a centralised process for change requests to be made.

The table below details which team each category of change request will be directed to.

Changes requested to... Require an update to data held in... Will be directed to...
Course title
Study mode
Module information
PSRB (professional body) accreditation
SITS Academic & Quality Standards (AQS)
Course leader, start date or duration SITS Faculty Planning and Initiatives Team
Course no longer recruiting SITS & Sitecore Faculty Planning and Initiatives Team
Missing courses and updates to campus location SITS Curriculum Data Team in Registry Services
Entry Requirements SITS Admissions
Fee information Sitecore Finance
Course page videos, images, links Sitecore Marketing
Text changes to the course description Sitecore Marketing

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