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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional abilities of a person. The Assistive Technology service promotes and trains on the assistive software available on AppsAnywhere.

Our sessions provide a variety of tools to support academic skills including notetaking, lecture recording, time management/organisation, essay structuring, research skills and revision. The sessions are available to all students.

If you are looking to find out what funded assistive technology support is available through Disabled Students’ Allowance or other sources, please look at our Disabled Student's Allowance page.


What software do we support?

We currently support the following software:

Mindview is a professional mind mapping software that allows you to visually organise and present ideas. It can integrate with MS Office software to allow you to collaborate and manage projects. After attending a session you will be offered a licence for personal use for the duration of your course.

Microsoft Learning Tools Office 365 and Edge have some great learning tools to support your reading, writing and research. You can use these tools to: read back your work, change the way your screen looks, talk instead of typing, and collate your research materials.  Office 365 can be downloaded from your Blackboard homepage. 

Glean is a cloud based audio note taking tool designed to improve learning and productivity. You can combine audio recordings with multimedia notes to support effective reviewing of taught sessions. After attending a session you will be offered a licence for personal use for the duration of your course.

How to book a software support session

We hold a number of sessions through the week that can be booked online. Here is a link to upcoming sessions.


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