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Vending and cash machine services

                                                                                                   City Campus
 Outlet  Hot drinks Chilled drinks  Confectionery 
 Adsetts Centre (level 4) Look out for our new healthy options available from these vending machines.   Yes 
 Yes  Yes
 Aspect Court  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Cantor Building>  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Oneleven building  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Owen Building (Level 6)  Yes  Yes
 Stoddart Building (Deli - Level 1)  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Surrey Building (Ground Floor)    Yes  Yes

 Collegiate Campus
 Outlet  Hot drinks Chilled drinks  Confectionery 
 Collegiate Hall  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Heart of the Campus  Yes  Yes  Yes
Learning Centre              Yes  Yes  Yes
 Main Building  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Robert Winston Building (Levels 5)                                                                                                            Yes  Yes  Yes
 Saunders  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Willow Court  Yes  Yes  Yes

Cash machines are located in the following areas

  • Level 5 Owen Building across from Peak Theatre

Please note for security reasons some vending areas may be inaccessible outside our normal hours.

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