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The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre

What is a Learning Centre?

The Learning Centre has everything a library has and more including individual and group learning spaces, lots of PCs, books and journals, e-books, videos/DVDs, photocopiers and printers.

Can students use laptops?

There's WiFi access in the Learning Centre and across most of the University. Students can bring their own laptops and connect to the University network. Students can also borrow laptops.

What can be borrowed?

Students can borrow up to 15 items at a time such as books and DVDs. To make sure the important books fromreading lists are alwaysavailable, there are some books for reference only in the Key Text collection. Students canalso borrow digital cameras, camcorders and other equipment to support their studies.

Where can students get help?

There's a face-to-face helpdesk in the Learning Centre for help with a wide range of questions. Help is also available via e-mail, phone or instant messaging.

Drop-in sessions including maths help, study skills and using media and visual resources are also available.

Redevelopment of the Learning Centre

The Adsetts Centre has undergone a major facelift with the build of a brand new extention, housing innovative spaces for students to study and the reorganisation of the current collections.

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