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College mobility coordinators (or equivalent)

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College mobility coordinators (or equivalent)

Your College mobility coordinator (or equivalent) can give you further advice about exchange options on your course. It's a good idea to speak to them before you complete an expression of interest in studying abroad.

If you can't find a suitable contact below, or have a general enquiry about Erasmus and other exchange opportunities, please contact the Erasmus and exchange team at

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Subject area Contact
Accounting and Finance Zoe Newsham  – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
June Clarke – 
Business and Management David Hattersley – Assessment approver)
Alicia Sanchez Requena – Assessment approver)
Computing Maryam Bagheri – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments) 
Penny Collier – 
Mo Rezai –
Maths and Engineering Harish Viswanathan – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments
Lyuba Alboul –
Tim Mulroy –
Languages Germany and Spain: Ania de Berg –
Italy: Giulio Giusti –
France: Simon Nicholls –
Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management Ray Nolan – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
Cecile Morris – 
Daryl May –

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject area Contact
Art and Design Lee Harding  – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
Anna Maria di Betta  –
Criminology Ed Pollock – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
Craig Patterson –
Education, Childhood and Inclusion John Wrigglesworth – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
Humanities Sarah Dredge – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
Suzanne Speidel –
Media and Communication Lada Price – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
Patrick Wichert –
Natural and Built Environment San Liew – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments, Architecture)
Andrew Jobling – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments, Geography, Environment and Planning)
Paul King –
Psychology, Sociology and Politics Lynne Spackman – (Primary Approver for Risk Assessments)
David Bowles –

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Subject area Contact
Social Work Mandy Cecchinato – 

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