Mentor Updates

The core areas that all SHU mentor updates must include and which should be very clearly communicated are:

  • Update with NMC professional standards
  • Understand the students' programme
  • Understand assessment process that occurs in practice
  • Understand process to follow when a student is failing to progress
  • Know how to access placement information websites for key information and SHU contacts
  • Know how to access placement information websites for key information about support available to them in their role in supporting the students
  • Know SHU placement learning policies are housed on the SHU placement learning websites and know processes for escalation of concerns, and
  • The essential need for the placement provider to communicate with the university about any incidents or accidents or concerns.

It is your professional responsibility as a mentor to undertake an annual update and complete a three yearly triennial review declaration to comply with NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice. Please seek advice from your LEM or Link Lecturer on how to do this locally. Attendance at face to face mentor updates, for example updates provided by the Link Lecturer, can be recorded contemporaneously on the Mentor Update Attendance Record. This attendance record can then be used as evidence for updating individual mentor records on the Local Register of mentors. The placement provider is normally responsible for ensuring that the Local Register of mentors is updated according to NMC standards, and this is usually a task delegated to Learning Environment Managers (LEM). For small scale providers of placements, the Link Lecturer will support maintenance of the Local Register in line with NMC standards and arrangements with Sheffield Hallam University.

It is important that you maintain and can provide evidence of your annual update for your triennial review and to meet NMC standards for continuing professional development. You can either use documents provided by your employer e.g. if you work for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust documents are provided, OR make use of the Mentor Passport provided here. If you need additional pages to record your reflections, please download as many copies of the Mentor Update Reflection Sheet as you require.

In order to provide evidence that you meet current NMC Standards to Support Learning and Assessment in Practice, you may find it helpful to use the Sheffield Hallam University Mentor Mapping Tool. The Mapping of Personal Development against the NMC Mentor Standards document provides some examples of activities that you may undertake to demonstrate achievement of the mentor standards. These are not intended to be prescriptive or exhaustive.

Social Work Practice Educator Training Course 2018-19

Our practice educator courses are designed to help you teach, train, supervise, assess and mentor others who are involved in learning and development activities.This course is for you if you want to take on the practice educator role or become an on-site practice supervisor for organisations who provide social work placements for Sheffield Hallam University. The University places the majority of its students in South Yorkshire and North east Midlands. The course content is mapped to the requirements of the Stage 1 Practice Educator Framework (PCF).

The course is delivered over 4 days and will be presented twice in the academic year; please see the dates below. There is a fee of £175 for the complete course. A certificate is issued after complete attendance of all 4 days. Any missed days will need to be attended before the candidate can be considered as having completed the course. Any partially completed days will be considered as missed days and will need to be attended as such to ensure that the candidate has completed the course.

To book a place on the Practice Educator Training Course, please apply to the Student Experience Team by either e-mail to A member of the team will let you know if there are any places available on the course, and will e-mail you an application form if there are. Spaces are limited on the course and are often filled quickly. It is recommended that you complete your booking as quickly as possible.

For more information about the course please contact either:

Deborah Develin at

Paul Stapleton at

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