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Student profiles


Gabrielly Marques de Carvalho

"The course is great. It has good modules and a lot of facilities that help learning. The library is really great with a lot of books so we can study by ourselves.
We have learned some things which are different to what we learned in Brazil and we have teachers with different experiences so we can share it with them in class.
The university facilities are really great. The laboratories, buildings, and computers are all modern and offer the best to the students.
This is a good course that gives a good overview of industry, how it works and so on. I think this year abroad will give a lot of professional experience and will improve my English, which is really important. I am learning a lot about myself and about my skills which is important for my career."

Renata de Souza Grande

"The facilities are awesome and it's really interesting to compare the way things are taught here to the way it is in Brazil. I really like that the classes are divided into smaller groups and it is good for me to compare the modules from here to Brazil.
Sheffield Hallam was one of the universities that offered a course which was most similar to what I was studying in Brazil. I was also looking for a university in a big city."

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