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Tuition fee loans - information for Tier 4 students

Tuition fee loans - information for Tier 4 students

Some international students fund their studies by taking out an education loan from a bank. The  banks may require that the loan amount is paid directly to the university. If you have arranged such a loan, please note the following information:

  1. Your educational loan must meet the requirements for a Tier 4 Student visa. Please visit the government's student visa web pages for more information.

  2. Sheffield Hallam University can receive only the tuition fee portion of the loan. The maintenance funds part should be released to you, the student.

  3. You should instruct the bank to pay your tuition fee before travelling to the UK to begin your studies. Please note you must pay at least 50% of our tuition fee before you can enroll at Sheffield Hallam University.

  4. If your bank requires an enrolment confirmation letter from the University before releasing the tuition fee payment, you must bring your bank loan acceptance letter to your course enrolment event. You will be enrolled conditionally for 10 days. You will receive a confirmation letter to forward to your bank.

  5. The tuition fee must be received by the University within 10 days of your conditional enrolment.

For further details about tuition fee payments go to

Paying for your course
Payment methods and refunds

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