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Enrolment Guidance for International Students

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Enrolment Guidance for International Students

All students at Sheffield Hallam University must enrol before they start their course. Enrolment is a form of contract with the University; enrolling means that you accept the terms and conditions of this contract. Once you have enrolled fully, you have full access to all University facilities and resources.

All enrolment is online, so you can complete it before arriving in the UK.  

This step-by-step guidance will help you with the enrolment process:

  1. You will have received an unconditional offer of a place at the University. You must accept this offer before you can enrol. 

  2. Activate your student account using this guidance (PDF, 643KB). You can do this after 1 August 2021.

  3. Pay at least 50% of your tuition fee. Find out how you can pay here. We recommend you make your payment online, as bank transfers make take up to 4 weeks to clear.  You cannot enrol until the payment has cleared. Payment of tuition fees needs to be received by the University no later than 1 October 2021.

  4. You will then receive an email inviting you to enrol at Sheffield Hallam. In most cases this will be approximately two weeks before the course starts. Save the email as it contains important information.

  5. If you have not received your enrolment email one week before your course start date, please contact the Enrolment Helpline at or call 44 (0) 114 478 1478

  6. If the enrolment task is not available to you, this may be because we have not received your payment yet. If you have allowed enough time for the payment to be arrive (see point 3), please email Finance at, attaching a copy of your receipt of payment or sponsorship document, if relevant.

  7. You must enrol before your course starts. You can enrol before you arrive in the UK, you will be conditionally enrolled until you arrive in the UK and complete the final part of your enrolment. This is normal and nothing to worry about; you will have access to everything a fully enrolled student has, including Blackboard and your timetable.

  8. All international students are required to upload their immigration documents after arriving in the UK to complete their enrolment.

    You will receive an email a couple of days after you arrive in the UK to ask for the documents. The email will contain a link to a task where you’ll be asked to upload:

    • Image of your passport identity page
    • Image to verify your identity
    • Image of your 90-day entry visa vignette
    • Image of both sides of your BRP card

    If you haven’t collected your BRP card when you receive the email because you are in quarantine, this is ok. After your quarantine, collect your BRP card and go back to the task using the link in the original email.

    If you haven’t had a decision on your visa, you can upload either:

    • Evidence that you have applied for a student visa using the CAS from Sheffield Hallam (if you have not yet received a decision)
    • Evidence that you are in contact with International Experience advisers for help with your student visa extension (Sheffield Hallam graduates only)

    If you do not receive your email 5 days after arriving in the UK, please contact

  9. If you have uploaded all documents required to the task you will be fully enrolled after 48 hours.

    If there is a query on your enrolment, for example, if you have evidence of a visa application or an electronic immigration status and have been asked to give a share code, you will remain conditionally enrolled until these documents are reviewed. Please allow the university 7 working days to check your documents.

    Being conditionally enrolled is nothing to worry about. You will have access to everything a fully enrolled student has, including Blackboard and your timetable. The only thing you won’t be able to collect is your SHU Card.

  10. You will receive an email confirming you are fully enrolled once we have completed the checks. If we require further information or documents, we will send you an email, so please check your Sheffield Hallam email account regularly.

    Need help? Email or Tel: 44 (0) 114 478 1478

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