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Students with families

Students with families

We welcome international students with families. The information below will help you plan if you are planning to bring your family to the UK while studying.



You can bring your husband, wife, unmarried partner, and children (under 18) to the UK with you as a Student Visa dependant if one of the following applies to you:


  • you are studying a postgraduate course of 9 months or more
  • you are a government-sponsored student and studying a course at any level of 6 months or more
  • your dependants can apply to enter the UK at the same time as you or they can apply separately later. If they do not apply at the same time as you, they should ensure that you have received your visa before they make an application themselves.

For more information, please go to GOV.UK.




Sheffield Hallam University does not provide accommodation for families. You should arrange accommodation for your family prior to arrival in Sheffield. If this is not possible, we advise you strongly to travel on your own initially, secure family accommodation and then bring your spouse and children to the UK.

Securing accommodation prior to arrival


You can contact any local letting agent and view properties on their websites. However, we do not advise you to sign any contracts before you have actually viewed the property. Ask a trusted friend or a family member to organise a viewing before you sign any agreements.

Travelling on your own, then bringing dependants


If you have been unable to secure family accommodation prior to arrival, you must travel to the UK on your own at least 2 weeks before the start of teaching to search for accommodation. You will need to arrange temporary accommodation for the period of house-hunting.

You should bring your dependants to the UK only after you have found suitable accommodation.

House-hunting tips for students with families


• You should expect to pay around £650 - £800 for family accommodation in Sheffield.

• Family accommodation close to the campus is limited and is likely to be more expensive.

• You will be able to find more affordable accommodation in areas which are 20-30min bus ride away. Please use Travel South Yorkshire to check travel times and costs when considering your accommodation options.

• You must disclose all relevant details to letting agents or landlords when searching for accommodation. For example, you must tell them if children will live in the property because some properties are not suitable for younger children.

• In most cases you will be asked to pay rent upfront for at least 3 months, and in some cases up to 12 months. If you cannot do this, you will be asked to provide a UK-based guarantor. There are many companies which offer this service; make sure you check their website for the terms of service and that the landlord will accept them before applying with guarantors.

• Landlords are not likely to accept offers to pay less than the advertised rent

Children’s education

It is compulsory for children between the ages of five and 16 to attend school. Your child will be accepted into a local state school at no charge. To apply for a school place for your child, you will need to know when you will be arriving in Sheffield and the address you will be living at. You should not apply for a place more than six weeks before you and your child will arrive. See the UK Government website for general information on school admissions.

The best way for caring for children under the age of five is for you and your spouse to organise your study and free time to ensure that you personally meet the needs of your children. Childcare for children under five is expensive and places are limited. You should expect to pay upwards of £650 per month for full time childcare for pre-school aged children.

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