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Support on arrival in September 2020

It is a challenging time to be planning your journey to study in Sheffield from abroad, but we are working hard to offer a safe experience for you.

Enrolment, arrival in the UK and starting your course

The University continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation both in the UK and overseas to ensure you are able to start your course as planned, with all the relevant flexibility and support, whether starting in September 2020 or January 2021.

September 2020

We offer flexibility on the latest arrival dates, enabling students to enter the UK over an extended period while still being able to start your course online before arrival if necessary.

All students are expected to enrol online by 28th September 2020, whether in the UK or overseas by that date. You should also aim to arrive in Sheffield by 28th September 2020. However, given the current Covid-19 situation the University will allow later arrival:

  • Quarantining students should arrive before 5th October 2020 and can engage in online learning, in the UK, during quarantine up to 19th October 2020. Find out how we will support you during the quarantine.
  • Non-quarantining students should arrive before 19th October 2020 and should engage with online learning from enrolment to that date, either from home or in the UK.

In very exceptional cases and if your course requirements allow it, we can support you to continue to engage with studies online up to the point that you can come to the UK. Please submit the Late Arrival Request Form to find out if this will be possible in your case. 

If, for any reason, you cannot arrive on campus by the latest entry dates, and your course is not suitable for online engagement over a prolonged time, we will support you to defer your place to January 2021 or September 2021, depending on the course. 

If you fall into the UK definition of a clinically vulnerable person, and you think you should not travel to the UK at all during the Covid-19 pandemic, we may be able to support you to study remotely depending on your course. Check this guidance for further information.

Summary of support on arrival

7 September – 2 October

Virtual Meet & Greet Desk for all international students in operation. You can contact the virtual Meet & Greet Desk as many times you need to, while you are still at home, or after you have arrived in the UK.

8 – 28 September

Online international student enrolment for new and continuing students. Please enrol before the start of the academic year even if you will be arriving in the UK later. This is so you can access your course timetable and engage with teaching and learning online.

16 – 25 September

Online Orientation Programme and Hallam Welcome Programme for new international students, to make sure you have the best possible start as a Sheffield Hallam student. You can join if you are still at home, or you have arrived in the UK already.

19 – 25 September

Manchester Airport pick-up service for new international students. If you are arriving in this period, we will collect you from Manchester airport and bring you to Sheffield, while helping you with the most important tasks you need to complete on arrival. Please make sure you book in advance

26 September – 19 October

Late arrivals service in operation offering one-to-one support to any international students arriving after the start of the academic year. Please tell us when you are arriving, and we will guide your next steps. 

5 October

Latest arrival date for students who need to self-quarantine. If you are one of them, please find out how we will support you during the 14 days you will need to self-isolate.

19 October

Latest arrival date for student who do not need to self-quarantine.

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