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If you have symptoms or have tested positive, fill in our contact form. This helps us manage cases and offer support.

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QR codes on campus

Registering on the QR appQR codes on campusVisitors and contractors  

Registering on the QR app

The QR app uses the Sheffield Hallam Single Sign on, so you should only have to log in once with your staff or student ID.

  • For students this will be the ID and password you use to login to Blackboard / My Hallam / My Student Record etc.
  • For staff this is the ID and password you use to access the system.

When you scan a Hallam QR code for the first time you will be directed to a secure page where you will be asked to sign in as above. Once you have done this, a cookie will be stored on your smartphone/device to retain the log-in data and this will allow you to scan other Hallam QR codes without the need to re-enter your details each time. You can choose to delete the cookie from your device however this will mean that you will have to sign in each time you scan a new Hallam QR code.

For the first time you use the app, it might be easier to register at home before you come onto campus (to make scanning quicker when you arrive on campus). Please scan the test code below if you want to pre-register.

Test QR code to register for the Hallam track and trace app
Scan this code on the device you will be using on Campus. You will be asked for your normal login details.

You will usually only need to register once*

If you have chosen to disable cookies on your phone, you may need to sign in again. We recommend that cookies are enabled to make the QR scanning as quick and easy as possible. We also recommend NOT to use Private Mode (Safari on iPhone ) or Incognito Mode (Chrome on Android).

*As per government guidelines on data retention, we only hold the data for 21 days so if you are away from the campus for more than 21 days you will need to sign in again.

Most people will not need to download anything to scan the QR codes

If your phone has a QR reader built into the camera, you will not need to download anything. If you cannot scan QR codes with your camera, you will need to visit the Apple App store or Google Play and download a QR reader, there are many options available which are free to download.

If you are installing a QR reader, there are some considerations below:

  • Most modern phones do not need to have a QR code reader installed. Versions 9 and up of the Android operating system and iOS 11 and newer will let you scan QR codes simply by using the Camera. Version 8 of the Android operating system will also do this if Google Lens is activated.
  • If you do use a QR code scanner it's important to choose one that integrates with the default browser on your phone. Some QR scanners utilise their own in-built browser. These browsers will frequently not connect to our servers and allow you to log in (which you'll need to do the first time you use the Track and Trace application - if you are a student or member of staff).
  • Much older phones may connect after installing newer browsers but may warn you that the web site is not secure. This is not actually accurate, the site is of course secure but older phones simply don't have the more modern methods of authentication and assume that the site is insecure.

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Using QR codes around campus

Codes are displayed on table stickers and posters

If you are spending more than 15 minutes in a place where QR codes are displayed, you should scan the code nearest to where you are spending most of your time. If you briefly move to another location that also has a QR code, you will not need to scan again (unless you are spending more than 15 minutes there).

Scan a QR code when you're on your own

If you have spent time on campus and subsequently test positive for Covid-19, we can use the QR data to contact anyone who may have used the same space later that day. We can also ensure that any affected spaces are deep cleaned.

Everyone in a group needs to scan

If you or someone you have been working/studying alongside subsequently tests positive, we need to be able to trace everyone who may have been in contact with that person.

Scan the NHS QR code and the Hallam QR code if both are displayed

There is a legal requirement for businesses to display the NHS QR codes in catering outlets, restaurants, gyms, and libraries. You might see the posters displayed in these locations. We encourage everyone both on and off campus to download the NHS QR app and to scan the NHS codes where possible.

We need our own additional codes on campus as information and data from the NHS track and trace codes is held securely and not accessible to the Covid Help and Response Team (CHART) at Sheffield Hallam University, meaning we can’t use that data for contact tracing. We therefore need to ask you to scan the Sheffield Hallam University codes when you are spending time on campus.

You do not need to scan out of a location

Once you have scanned into a location, the QR app will keep you signed in for two hours. If you change locations and scan a new QR code within two hours, the two-hour window will start again in the new location.

If you are in one location for more than two hours you are welcome to scan again after two hours but this is not mandatory.

If you move to a different space and will be there for more than 15 minutes you do need to scan any QR code in the new location

Similarly, if you leave and return to the same location later in the day, you will need to scan the QR code again if this has been more than two hours since your initial scan.

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Information for visitors and contractors

Visitors to the campus and contractors should also scan the QR codes when visiting a location where codes are displayed.

On registration, the QR app will ask for some contact details if you are a visitor to the campus. These details (phone number or email address) will only be accessed by the Covid Help and Response Team (CHART) in the event of a coronavirus report in a location you have visited, and the details will not be passed on to any third parties.

We will only store your information for 21 days, if you return to campus after this time you will need to re-register when you use the QR app.

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Report a Covid-19 case

If you have symptoms or have tested positive, fill in our contact form. This helps us manage cases and offer support.

Report a case
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