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Can exercising with a friend help you lose weight?

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  2. Can exercising with a friend help you lose weight?

Can exercising with a friend help you lose weight?

Tuesday 28 February 2017

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Ever struggled to stick to an exercise routine? Research shows that teaming up with your friends and family can help.

It’s a familiar story. You start a gym membership in January. By February, you’re starting to make excuses, and by mid-March you barely set foot in the place.

So how can you keep motivated to stick to your exercise goals? Our research has shown that having an exercise buddy can really make a differences.

Here are 5 reasons to get an exercise buddy.

1. A shared goal

A good exercise buddy should be someone who has the same fitness goal as you, whether it’s to lose weight, get stronger, or just stay fit.

2. Moral support

An exercise buddy is someone to share the experience with. Somebody who understands what you’re doing and why. And someone to empathise with when it gets hard.

3. New ideas

Your buddy could bring new ideas of how to exercise. If your routine is getting stale, mix it up together and keep going.

4. Healthy competition

Nothing spurs you on like a bit of healthy competition. Our research shows that the people who stick to their goals tend to influence those around them. Something like a competition to see who in the office can walk the most steps in a week makes exercise fun.

5. Motivation, motivation, motivation

When it’s raining and you’re not feeling it, having someone to drag you out makes a massive difference. And it’s a lot harder to decide not to bother to go to the gym when you’ve already arranged to go with a friend.

If you want to stick to your new year’s fitness resolutions, ask a friend to be an exercise buddy. It really works.

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