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How a LGBT+ student experienced Sheffield Hallam

Monday 08 October 2018

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I was nervous when I started uni. But as a LGBT+ student, Sheffield Hallam made me feel right at home.

Luke Allan graduated from BA Public Relations and Media in 2018. In this video and article, he talks about his experience as an LGBT+ student at Sheffield Hallam.

During my time at University I learnt many things, like how to balance my studies with my social life, write a great press release and how to cook like a pro. But the most important thing I've learnt is to be myself, be confident, and embrace my sexuality.

I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales, in a small community. For many years, I dreamed of going to university and starting a new chapter in my life.

When it came to applying, lots of my friends researched things like nightlife or alumni. But I had other priorities too. 

I began looking into three things:

  1. How diverse is the student community and the city? 
  2. How safe and welcomed will I feel?
  3. Is the university and wider community ‘gay friendly’?

I remember typing ‘LGBT Sheffield Hallam’ into Google. I found a huge amount of information about its excellent support and welcoming community.

After visiting an open day, I knew Sheffield Hallam was somewhere I could call home.

When I arrived for Welcome Week, I was nervous — but I attended an LGBT+ event and immediately felt part of a community. Hallam has dedicated LGBT+ counselling support and careers advice, and a 10/10 rating in the Stonewall Gay by Degree Guide, so I knew there was help available if I ever needed it.

I soon became empowered to improve the experiences of others. As a LGBT+ Student Representative and NUS Delegate, I've been involved with shaping policy at a regional and national level. Throughout, I've tried to ensure that current and future LGBT+ students would receive the best possible support.

My sexuality and time at university has made me the person I am today and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have received.

I've never felt more supported, confident and ready to face the world.


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