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How do I cut down on my social media usage?

Friday 02 March 2018

Reading time: 2 minutes

Overdoing it on social media can bring about anxiety and stress. Here’s how to roll back your usage.
A social media user on their phone in bed

Tip #1: Set yourself limits

The blue light of your phone, laptop and tablet can bring about insomnia. Try to stop using your phone an hour or so before bed – this will give your brain the respite it needs, and allow you a better sleep.

Keeping your phone in a different room overnight is also a good idea – it means that you won’t be able to check it if you can’t sleep. Just remember to buy an alarm clock!

Tip #2: Use your settings

Did you know that you can use the settings on your devices and platforms to stop notifications for a given period, or turn them off entirely? The majority of updates are non-essential – blocking them is an easy way of cutting down your overall usage.

Tip #3: Steer clear of the rabbit hole

Social media can give you an insight into fascinating subjects, and can be very useful even for academic research. Nonetheless, try and refrain from compulsively delving too deep.

Tip #4: Filter your feed

Remember that you don’t need to know what everyone in the world is up to at all times. Filtering who you follow is a great way to get the information that is actually of interest to you, without having to spend hours sifting.

Every now and then, go through your ‘following’ list and have a clear-out.

Tip #5: Have a positive relationship

Don’t engage with negative influences or write negative posts, and don’t log on for the wrong reasons. You’ll find it far less addictive when you’re not wound up. Though it might seem strange, the better relationship you have with social media, the less you’ll actually want to use it. When you do it will be purposeful and valuable.


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