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Safety on nights out

Safety on nights out

We are aware of increased reports of spiking in cities across the UK, including Sheffield. These reports are extremely concerning and part of a pattern of violence against women that Sheffield Hallam University and the Sheffield Hallam Students' Union will not tolerate.

Together with our Students’ Union, the University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire Police and Sheffield City Council, we are working to raise awareness of this issue and to help you stay safe. We are also urging nightlife venues to work with the authorities to prevent these incidents.

Find out more about the work being done across the city in this short video.

How to report spiking

Report to the police

Spiking is a serious crime. If you have seen or experienced it, report it to the police as soon as possible. 

Report to the University

If you have seen or experienced harassment of any kind, on or off campus, you can report it or seek support using Report and Support.

Spiking precautions

If you’re planning a night out, please be extra vigilant and look out for your friends.

  • Be cautious of anyone who offers you or your friends drinks – make sure you see them being prepared at the bar.
  • Keep an eye on your friends’ drinks and don’t let them drink from them if they have been left unattended.
  • Stick together, keep track of where everyone is and don’t leave any of your friends on their own.
  • If you suspect a drink has been spiked, tell the venue as soon as possible 
  • Seek medical advice if you or a friend is unwell.

The responsibility for spiking lies solely with the perpetrators, and it is never your fault if you are spiked on a night out. Our priority is to keep our community safe and identify the people responsible.

Additional support

We understand that these reports may be concerning. If you need support, or are affected, there are many services available to you.