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Support for examinations and wellbeing

Support for examinations and wellbeing

Want to get ready for your exams without the stress?

We’ve brought together all our resources and support to help you get prepared for your exams while taking care of your wellbeing.

Book a space on campus to take online exams

Exams will take place from Monday 24 April to Friday 19 May. Students who wish to take their online exams on campus can book study space via Resource Booker. We also ask other students who are using campus spaces to be aware that exams are taking place during this time.


We offer a range of online group sessions to support you through university life, including sessions on motivation, anxiety and managing stress. See what's on

Our Bitesize Wellbeing videos on Grounding Techniques and Box Breathing demonstrate some quick techniques you can use while revising or during an assessment to help you stay calm and focused.

Use your SHU email address to sign up for Togetherall, and access a range of online courses to work through at your own pace.

If you are struggling to get started with your revision and keep putting it off, the Stop Procrastinating course could help.

Our Study Problems webpage also contains lots of useful resources. You can take an online course on goal setting, or look at some apps we recommend to help you plan your revision and your time.

Focus to Do is an app based on the Pomodoro Technique, where you commit to focusing for 25-minute blocks, with breaks in between.

Trello is a project management tool can be used to help you plan your revision, track your progress and collaborate with others.

Our guide to managing your studies and time also offers advice on setting up your workspace and creating a routine to help you balance your studies with other activities.


Mindview is mind mapping software which is great for revision. Students have access to the software via AppsAnywhere on campus. We also have a limited number of subscriptions for you to use at home.

During the session we'll create a revision plan using Mindview and use it to create revision slides.

Book a session.

Skills centre

Virtual drop-ins

Online drop-ins with members of the library team for instant answers to quick assignment and revision questions.

Each session includes experts on:

  • Academic skills - for guidance on academic writing, revision strategies and exam technique.
  • Library and information skills – for support finding academic sources and referencing.
  • Stats support – for advice on how to use statistical software such as SPSS and Jamovi.
  • Digital Skills – for any questions on using Microsoft software and digital revision tools.

Drop-ins are every Wednesday 4-6pm. No need to book, just join the waiting room.

Skills webinars

Our online group sessions cover a range of skills related to successful exam preparation and technique.

  • Exam and Revision Strategy - Develop effective techniques and discuss strategies to help you succeed in exams. View upcoming dates
  • Planning and Structuring Assignments - In this workshop you will consider how to understand the question, plan your answer and write a well-structured essay – skills that can be adapted for long-answer exam formats. View upcoming dates.

Online resources

If you can’t attend a live online session, we have a range of online resources that you can access 24/7:

You can also access an interactive e-module on exams and revision from Skills4Study for free.

Good luck with your revision! If you have any questions about how the Skills Centre can support you, please don’t hesitate to email

You can also book space on campus.