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Discipline and behaviour


There are very few rules in the nursery and we find that most children adapt very easily to them, with the aid of gentle encouragement. The emphasis is on positive behaviour management. Staff constantly role model the desired behaviour.

Sometimes there are temporary problems but we always seek positive methods to manage them. Rules exist in the nursery so that small groups of adults can look after large groups of children, and so that the children can learn the skills necessary for getting along with each other in a safe and secure setting. Children are therefore expected to do as they are asked at certain times - for example to sit down at meal times, to hold hands with an adult while walking on the pavement, to listen quietly in story time, not to destroy the creations of other children and not to throw toys.

We teach children the social skills necessary to get on with others, to share, to talk rather than hit and to ask rather than snatch.

Sometimes we need to take the equipment away or take a child away from the scene for a few minutes.

Children are usually reasonable and seem to accept the few rules we have. It is very rare for problems to persist if they are dealt with consistently. We always consult parents as your input is very important. Where necessary we can also get support from the local authority inclusion team. If you have any concerns about discipline in the nursery, please discuss them with the nursery officer (group leader) in your group. The childcare services manager has overall responsibility for behaviour management.

Changes in behaviour

Changes in behaviour may indicate distress. The behaviour may vary. The child may become subdued, excitable or disobedient. If you have any problems with your children's behaviour our staff may be able to give support. If you need some private time with staff, please make an appointment.

Very often changes in behaviour are due to some change in the child's life - such as a sudden separation, house move, new baby, or attending nursery. These can cause distress although parents take great trouble to avoid it. You cannot predict the manner in which an event will affect a child.

We would work hard to ensure your child had extra attention and reassurance. Sometimes difficult behaviour can be caused by problems with hearing or eyesight, or by an undiagnosed illness. If there are any changes in circumstances that may result in disturbed behaviour, please let us know.

If you are anxious about your child's behaviour, or if you feel your child is not happy at nursery, please speak to your child's group leader. Alternatively, you may ask for an appointment to see one of the managers. An appointment can usually be arranged quite quickly.

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