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Nursery curriculum

Our curriculum covers all aspects of the development of the pre-school child. Many children attend the nursery for long periods so they need a balance of educational activities, opportunities to relax, to be emotionally supported and to behave in the individual way which they would in the home environment.

Children work in various sized groups during the day, and sometimes they like one-to-one attention from a member of staff. We aim to give children access to a wide range of experiences, and to teach them useful skills.

We plan the curriculum according to children's interests and developmental needs. We also introduce new learning.

We work towards early learning goals.

See our Ofsted inspection report.

Under threes

For children under three years of age we arrange our rooms to provide for all areas of learning. Children have free access to all the toys and materials. Staff spend a lot of time playing, reading and singing with them and encouraging conversation.

Additional activities are planned for each child according to their interests and stage of development. We make sure children are read to frequently, and introduced to a wide range of experiences. Children have two or three outdoor playtimes every day, and we often take them out for walks in the local area. View examples of activities (DOCX, 19.9KB) we regularly carry out with children under three.

Three and four year olds

Rooms are divided into areas for creative work, role play, music, construction, block play, sand and water, and graphics. Children have free access to a very wide range of materials. Each day they are involved in structured activities, both indoors and out, planned to meet their learning needs. Staff also pay children a lot of attention and create a warm and caring atmosphere.

Outdoor play and outings

We have a large attractive garden, which has been designed so that children can have a varied outdoor experience in a rich natural environment within the nursery grounds. We intend to add further features to the area each year.

We aim for each group of children to be outside for two sessions of up to an hour each day, with a combination of adult-led and free play activities. In addition, during light evenings, there is an additional hour or more of outside play.

In very hot weather, we create many shaded areas so that children can spend a lot of time outside. We ask all parents to provide their children with a sun hat and appropriate sun protection cream. As children go out in all weathers, they need to have appropriate clothing.


Because many children attend the nursery for long periods, we like them to take them out regularly. We therefore take children in all age groups on a variety of outings, such as:

  • walks in the University grounds
  • walks in the neighbourhood including the Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park
  • bus and tram rides to parks or pet shop
  • longer trips such as theatre, butterfly farm, museum, city farm and Winter Gardens
  • shopping in the supermarket or plant shop

The short outings occur regularly and when your child is admitted to the nursery you are asked to sign to say that s/he can go on these outings. For longer trips (such as a theatre outing) we would give you detailed information and seek written permission.

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