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About us

Sheffield Hallam University has long been an outward-looking institution. We recognise how knowledge can inspire and transform the lives of individuals, organisations, and communities.

Our research is characterised by a focus on impact - addressing the cultural, economic and social challenges facing society today. We achieve this by applying and translating our research at local, national and international levels.

We encourage original thinking, and we promote cross-disciplinary research. For example, in our traditional science disciplines we bring together artists, designers, healthcare professionals and industrial partners to tackle a subject from every angle.

Through our portfolio of European and international research projects, we work in partnership with academic research institutes, industry, SMEs, public, voluntary and community sectors and end-users to achieve economic and social transformation.

This distinctive commitment to collaboration results in a mix of curiosity and market-driven research that has a demonstrable and significant impact on society at large.

Learn more about our impact strategy.

Our research has impact

At Sheffield Hallam University, our approach to innovation is characterised by a focus on economic and social development, and underpinned by international excellence in selected areas of applied research.

Our research strengths are designed to have a positive impact on the quality of life, address questions of public policy, and contribute to the knowledge economy.

It's about having impact. We want to influence the thinking of the world beyond academia – including policy makers, businesses, public sector, voluntary and community sectors, and the wider public.

And we want to support innovation outside the University, working with organisations and companies to achieve economic and societal transformation – regionally, nationally and internationally.

This commitment to creating impact beyond academia runs through everything we do – because we want to realise the full potential of our research and knowledge transfer.

Our objectives are structured around four themes, with a supporting action plan. They are

  • successful partnerships
  • knowledge exchange
  • public engagement
  • culture, infrastructure and support

Download our research strategy (PDF, 37KB).

Dowload our impact strategy (PDF, 40KB).

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