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Our doctoral school community

We're committed to helping you thrive in the world of research and produce work of the highest standard.

So when you join Sheffield Hallam as a doctoral researcher, you'll get immediate access to a range of courses and support networks.

They're designed to you get from first steps to publishing and disseminating a thesis, and to help you develop the skills you need for a long-term career in research.

You'll also get subject-specific support from your faculty, research centre or research institute, and access to our student support services for help with health, wellbeing and day-to-day campus life.

Training opportunities

Ways to hone your research and teaching skills, including face-to-face sessions and online courses.

Doctoral Research Training Series

A series of intensive training blocks that covers topics such as starting your research career, dealing with data, communicating your work and preparing for post-doctorate life.

Teaching and lecturing courses

You'll have access to both Teaching Skills for Doctoral Students (TSDS), a four-session programme delivered in person, and Teaching in Universities and Colleges, a nine-module online course you can take at any time.

Sheffield Hallam Researcher Development Programme (SHaRD)

As a doctoral student, you'll also be welcome at the drop-in sessions and training courses organised by our research staff community.

Development tools and resources

Ways to plan and manage your development as a researcher, from skill auditing to self-study.

Academic Continuous Professional Development portal

The Academic CPD portal helps you to identify and access relevant development opportunities, as well as providing a growing repository of useful CPD materials.

Researcher Development Framework planner

All doctoral researchers at Sheffield Hallam can request a free account on Vitae's RDF Planner. It's an online tool that helps you audit your skills against the 63 criteria set out in the Researcher Development Framework (RDF).

Library research support

The library's research support team is dedicated to researcher and doctoral student needs. They can help with queries on literature, data and publishing, and run frequent drop-in and workshop sessions.

Digital subscriptions

We provide subscriptions or access to a number of services, including

Our training partnerships

We are proud to be a partner in

Following the researcher concordat

Sheffield Hallam follows the principles of Vitae's Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. These include specific commitments to staff support and development.

  • Researchers are equipped and supported to be adaptable and flexible in an increasingly diverse, mobile, global research environment.
  • The importance of researchers' personal and career development, and lifelong learning, is clearly recognised and promoted at all stages of their career.

The concordat is closely aligned with the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for their Recruitment, allowing us to gain the European Commission's HR Excellence in Research Award. We have held the award since 2013, retaining it after a four-year external review in 2017.

Get in touch

Find key contacts for enquiries about funding, partnerships, collaborations and doctoral degrees.

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