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Ethics, integrity and practice

All university research undergoes ethical scrutiny to ensure that it is conducted to the highest ethical standards and to protect the integrity of our research. We have a dedicated research ethics policy which is constantly reviewed to ensure that these high standards are met.

Some of our research involves the participation of volunteers, often sourced from the general public. Our ethics policy ensures that their interests are put first at all times and that researchers do everything possible to fully inform people who have consented to take part. Care is always taken to provide confidentiality and anonymity.

The research ethics policy is also concerned with the quality of the research process. Maintaining the highest standards of integrity, impartiality and respect for data is essential. A risk assessment approach is encouraged to safeguard the physical and psychological wellbeing of participants and researchers.

University Research Ethics Committee

The University's Research Ethics Committee is responsible for developing and implementing the policy. The chair of this committee is Professor Ann Macaskill.

The annual University Research Ethics Report for the 2016-2017 academic year is available to download. The annual report for each academic year is made available in December of that year following University approval.

The University committee also closely monitors the work undertaken by each of the faculty research ethics committees and can be contacted at

Faculty Research Ethics Committees

The faculty committees are responsible for advising on and overseeing research projects at the faculty level.

Science, Technology and Arts
Chairs - Professor Marcos Rodriges/Dr Reza Saatchi
Secretary - Andrea Bows

Social Sciences and Humanities
Chair - Professor Ann Macaskill
Secretary - Sam Wharam/Kate Wallace
! DS Research Ethics

Health and Wellbeing
Chair - Dr Nikki Jordan-Mahy
Secretary - Sue Wallace

Sheffield Business School
Chair - Dr John Nicholson
Secretary - Claire Bennehan

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