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07 May 2019

Designing a better care model for migrant mothers

Culture and communication barriers can prevent migrant women from accessing maternity care. Our work on the ORAMMA project is helping to develop a solution

11 March 2019

Science Week: Discover seven of our standout projects

Learn more about some of our most innovative, high-impact work, from 3D-printed breathing masks to advanced fingerprint analysis

08 March 2019

How thermal imaging could help improve post-caesarean care

A new technique could give clinicians a fast, reliable way of spotting wound infections — and could even help rationalise the use of antibiotics

08 March 2019

Finding new insights into progressive MS

Sheffield Hallam-led research could help identify much-needed new treatments for progressive stages of multiple sclerosis

13 February 2019

We’re helping tackle a rare brain disease that affects children

Vanishing White Matter (VWM) is a rare neurodegenerative disease that largely affects children. Sheffield Hallam researchers are helping to tackle this currently incurable illness.

13 February 2019

Working with parkrun on pioneering research

The Advanced Wellbeing Centre (AWRC) is working with parkrun, the revolutionary global physical activity movement, to conduct pioneering research into how it improves health and wellbeing.

28 September 2018

The science of making healthier cheese

Our researchers have been working with major food suppliers to create healthy, tasty alternatives for cheese lovers

27 April 2018

How can virtual reality make you feel less pain?

Our researchers have created a VR game which is helping burns victims cope with painful medical procedures

05 April 2018

How can we get more people with disabilities involved in Parkrun?

Our researchers have been working with global phenomenon Parkrun to increase participation amongst people with disabilities and long-term health conditions

06 March 2018

How is gaming technology helping amputees use prosthetic limbs?

Our researchers have developed virtual reality software with the potential to improve the way the NHS trains patients to use prosthetic limbs forever

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