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Professorial Lecture - Professor Neil Bricklebank

Start date:
Tue, 16/02/2016

Closing date:
Tue, 16/02/2016

Stoddard Building, room 7140

Event contact:
Sheffield Hallam University Events Team

Metals in Biology - Life is Inorganic Too!

Traditionally biology and its interface with chemistry are regarded as being 'organic' in nature, i.e. composed predominantly of carbon-containing molecules. However, this isn't strictly true and metals and inorganic ions are crucial to most biological process, and indeed the existence of life itself.

This lecture will explore the roles and functions of metals in biology, how they are acquired by plants and animals and how they might be used to improve medicines of the future.

When: Tuesday, 16th Feb 2016; 6-8pm

The event is free but you have to register.

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