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Annual BMRC/MERI Winter Poster Event

Friday 16 December 2016

Annual Poster Event

Now in its sixth year, the annual BMCR/MERI Winter Poster Event was held on the 15th December. 

Covering the breadth of MERI and the BMCR, over 70 posters displayed the work of our PhD students as well as MSci/MChem students. In addition to prizes for PhD and MSci/MChem students, this year we introduced a public vote prize too. The winners are as follows

PhD Students

1st Prize - Rachel Hodgson (BMRC)
Characterisation of EIG2B bodies in cells linked to Leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter pathology

2nd Prize - Yaqub Rahaq (MERI)
Novel composite photactive layers for light harvesting in hybrid organic-inorganic solar cell

3rd Prize - Alireza Dastan (MERI)
An insight into fibre formation mechanisms through computer simulation

Public Vote

Hadi Al-Sagur (MERI)
Development of biosensors using different Ianthanide phthalocyanine complexes


Ashley Gains (BMRC)
Use and development of fluorescent proteins as a tool to study obligate anaerobes

Congratulations to all prize winners and well done to all other participants and the organisers.

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